In diagnostic imaging, achieving optimal image quality for a pulsating heart can be challenging. ECG gating provides an effective solution to reduce artifacts from heart motion, improve image quality, and evaluate differences in images under varying exercise conditions. By triggering scans during a predefined phase of the cardiac cycle, the method can enhance diagnostic performance in evaluating heart diseases. However, traditional metal leads can negatively impact image quality. Therefore, non-metallic carbon fiber leads emerge as the optimal choice for our customers.

Product Features

With a patented design complemented by engineering and material selection, SINBON’s products offer industry-leading reliability.

  • Electrode lead wires made of carbon fiber material provide advantages in imaging.
  • The chosen carbon fiber material has uniform impedance for efficient transmission of ECG signals.
  • The wire has an integrated design of main and branch lines and has successfully undergone a 30,000-cycle bending test.
  • The tensile strength of the wire exceeds double the specification.
  • Customized connection ensures compliance with a lifespan of 10,000 insertion and extraction cycles.