Electronic Cooling & Thermal Interface Materials

High-Quality Electronic Cooling Solutions

As a well-established company in the realm of electronic cooling, we bring extensive knowledge to the forefront. We have experience from various applications and markets and are dedicated to helping you find the optimal solution for your project. Our expertise extends to diverse sectors, including Industrial, Measurement Instruments, Surveillance, IT, Telecom, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, HVAC, Medical, and more.


We provide a wide-ranging collection of electronic cooling solutions, including heatsinks and thermal interface materials, compact fans, thermoelectric coolers, and thermoelectric cooler assemblies etc.

Additionally, our product line features cabinet cooling solutions like filter fans and air-to-air heat exchangers. Committed to quality, we offer a range of both standard and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


  • Profile heatsinks
  • Heatsinks for processors
  • Board level heatsinks
  • Cooling aggregates
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • DC blowers
  • DC Axial fans
  • AC Axial fans
  • Thermoelectric coolers
  • Thermoelectric cooler assemblies
  • Liquid cooling
  • Heat pipes
  • Filter fans
  • Air to air heat exchangers
  • Air conditioners
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Liquid cooling systems

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