Fans for all your demanding needs

Swelex stands as a proficient expert in the realm of fans. With a wealth of experience spanning a diverse range of demanding applications, we collaborate with customers across various markets, including Industrial, Measurement Instruments, Surveillance, IT, Telecom, HVAC, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, and more.


The fan segment includes a vast collection of sizes, types, voltages, and performance capabilities. Whether you require a fan from our comprehensive selection of standard options, or a customized solution tailored to your project’s unique conditions, Swelex is here to assist.

In addition, we meet diverse industry and application demands, including IP ratings, sound level, and temperature resistance, along with connector assemblies. Moreover, we offer added value with accessories like fan trays to enhance your overall experience.


  • DC Blowers
  • DC Axial fans
  • AC Axial fans
  • EC Blowers
  • EC Axial fans

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