The Power of Medical Tech: TE Connectivity's Game-Changing EMI Shielding Solutions

In the fast-paced world of medical technology, precision and reliability are non-negotiables. That’s where TE Connectivity steps in, revolutionizing the game with cutting-edge EMI Shielding solutions that ensure your medical devices operate seamlessly, every time.

The breakdown:
Imagine your medical equipment as a fortress, protecting vital signals from the chaos of external electromagnetic interference. TE Connectivity’s EMI Shielding technologies act as the ultimate defense, fortifying your devices and ensuring they perform flawlessly, even in the most demanding environments.

What sets them apart:

  • Customization: Tailored solutions crafted to fit your unique needs like a glove.
  • Expert Engineering: Behind every shield lies years of expertise and innovation.
  • Industry Insight: They’ve been in the game long enough to know what works best.
  • Scale and Scope: Whether you need one or a thousand, They’ve got you covered.
  • Versatile Portfolio: From conductive foam to fabric-over-foam, they offer a range of options to suit every application.

Real-World application:
Picture this: your DNA and RNA sequencing equipment, working tirelessly to unlock the secrets of cellular activity. With TE Connectivity’s EMI shielding, your data remains pristine, ensuring accurate results that you can trust.

Making a splash in mass spectrometry:

Mass spectrometry instruments are the unsung heroes of medical research, dissecting compounds with precision. Our shielding solutions ensure they do so without skipping a beat, maintaining accuracy and reliability throughout.

TE Connectivity is not just providing shielding solutions; They’re unlocking the potential of your medical devices, empowering you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Let us at Swelex take you through the journey to improve the medical tech landscape, we are here to support you!
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Smiths Interconnect Launches High-Density D04 Connectors for Medical Devices

Smiths Interconnect introduces the D04 connectors, catering to the medical sector’s need for high-density solutions without sacrificing durability. As demands for smaller, lighter, and more functional medical devices grow, the D04 connectors offer a compact yet robust interconnect solution.

Featuring 82 contacts, the D04 connectors address the increasing demand for high-density connectors in critical medical applications like electrophysiological mapping and cardiac imaging.

Key features include:

  • High-density design with 82 positions for superior performance.
  • Touch-Proof safety features for secure disconnect and fingerproofing isolator.
  • D-shaped layout for easy assembly and reduced risk of incorrect mating.
  • Ergonomic design enables one-handed mating and demating.
  • Rigorous qualification testing ensures reliability and confidence in OEM device qualification.
  • Custom solutions available to meet specific device requirements, supporting over 120 contact positions.

Smiths Interconnect’s D04 connectors set a new standard for high-density interconnect solutions in the medical industry. With their reliability, safety features, and user-friendly design, they are poised to make a significant impact on critical medical applications.

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Electrifying the Future: Introducing Hiroses' Cutting-Edge Connector Solutions for Electric Mobility

We at Swelex are proud partners to Hirose Electric who are leading the way in delivering cutting-edge connector solutions for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. Their dedication to EV technology is what drives them to offer a diverse range of connectors meticulously designed to enhance the performance and reliability of EV charging devices.

In the dynamic world of EV charging, connectors are crucial for linking power sources to vehicles. Hiroses’ specialized connectors are precision-engineered to establish secure connections within EV chargers, ensuring efficient power transmission and seamless charging experiences.

This commitment to advancing EV charging technology shines through in their specialized connector solutions. By seamlessly bridging power sources to electric vehicles, the connectors play a crucial role in fostering sustainable transportation growth, making electric mobility more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Key Advantages of Hiroses Electric Connectors:

Enhanced Efficiency: These connectors facilitate seamless connections, reducing charging times and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Reliability in Design: Engineered for durability and performance, our connectors withstand constant charging cycles, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Customized Solutions: Hirose offer a diverse range of connector options tailored to accommodate various EV charging device specifications, providing customized solutions to meet diverse needs.

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Unveiling the Future of E-Mobility: Innovations in Sealing, Protection, and EMC Design

Unveiling the Future of E-Mobility: Innovations in Sealing, Protection, and EMC Design

In the dynamic landscape of electric mobility, where innovation propels progress, the quest for safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions has never been more pressing.
At the forefront of this revolution are advancements in sealing, protection, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design, crucial pillars shaping the future of e-mobility.

Driving Innovation: Electric Vehicle Technologies

The electrification of transportation has ushered in a diverse array of electric vehicle (EV) technologies, each with its unique benefits. From Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs), the automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation options.

Tackling High-Voltage Challenges: Insulation and Protection

High-voltage systems lie at the heart of EVs, demanding robust insulation and protection solutions. Cutting-edge materials such as polyolefin, silicone, and fluoropolymers are paving the way for enhanced electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and mechanical durability. Heat shrink tubing emerges as a frontline defender, offering a shield against environmental hazards and ensuring the longevity of critical EV components.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability: EMC Considerations

In the electrified world of EVs, EMC design assumes paramount importance. By addressing emission, susceptibility, and coupling, engineers strive to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensure the seamless operation of electric vehicles. Compliance with rigorous EMC standards underscores the commitment to safety and reliability, laying the foundation for a future where EVs thrive in harmony with their surroundings.

TE Connectivity: Powering the Future of E-Mobility

TE Connectivity is driving innovation in sealing, protection, and EMC design to shape the future of e-mobility. The cutting-edge heat shrink tubing solutions provide unparalleled insulation and environmental sealing, safeguarding EV components against the rigors of the road. With a comprehensive portfolio of EMI shielding materials, we empower engineers to create electric vehicles that are not only efficient but also resilient to electromagnetic challenges.

Embracing the Future

As electric mobility continues to evolve, so does the challenges and opportunities it presents. By embracing innovations in sealing, protection, and EMC design, we pave the way for a future where electric vehicles are safer, smarter, and more sustainable than ever before.

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Laird Thermal Systems is developing micro-thermoelectric coolers for next-generation optoelectronic components

The team at Swelex are proud to present the Micro OptoTEC™ MBX series from Laird Thermal Systems. The series offers superior heat dissipation capability for optoelectronic applications with limited space.

Laird Thermal Systems has introduced its latest innovation: the OptoTEC™ MSX series of micro-thermoelectric coolers, specially designed to meet the intricate cooling needs required in small optical devices. These coolers, developed for integration into various optical packages, including the commonly used TO-39, TO-46, and TO-8, offer advanced thermal performance and enable the creation of advanced optical thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs).

What sets the MSX series apart is its use of advanced ceramic materials, unique soldering techniques, and next-generation thermoelectric materials, resulting in up to a 10% increase in cooling capacity – all within a microscopic footprint. These optical TEAs are intended for use in high-performance image sensor applications, including analytical, industrial, and aerospace applications.

MSX series multi-stage TECs offer micro-sized cooling side dimensions down to 2.0 x 4.0 mm and can achieve high heat dissipation capacities of up to 5 Watts, while requiring lower operating currents than traditional multi-stage coolers. Currently, the MSX series is undergoing Telcordia GR-468 CORE qualification to ensure high repeatability and long lifespan in optical environments.

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Swelex expands the sales department – Welcomes Mattias Hedin

Swelex continues to expand its sales department. On February 26th, we welcomed Mattias Hedin to our team in the role of Sales Representative.

With a background in sales roles at hardware manufacturers in the IT industry, where he has worked with both network technology and meeting room technology, Mattias brings significant sales experience to our team.

– Swelex is a prominent company with extensive expertise in the electronics industry. The positive atmosphere among colleagues and their shared commitment to supporting our customers in the best possible way is outstanding, says Mattias.

Recently, Swelex has undertaken extensive efforts to strengthen its offerings, broaden the product portfolio, and reinforce the entire organization.

– There is a continuous drive to develop and improve both the business and our offerings to customers, adds Mattias.

Now, Mattias looks forward to contributing his enthusiasm and curiosity to Swelex.

– Meeting both existing and new customers and exploring opportunities together is something I look forward to. Sweden is known as an engineering country with many creative and knowledgeable individuals and companies. I am excited to meet and learn from them, and together explore how we at Swelex can help them develop their products in a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable way.

Warm welcome to Swelex, Mattias!


Swelex strengthens the team with Joel Klasson as Sales Representative

On February 1st, we welcomed Joel Klasson to Swelex, where he now assumes the role of Sales Representative. Joel, who recently completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration, is eager to re-enter the workforce in a position that involves extensive interaction with customers and suppliers. His previous experience as a sales professional in the retail industry, both in-store and as a supplier, has now been complemented by a broader education that will greatly benefit him in his new role.

– I am truly looking forward to deepening my understanding of the electronics industry and gradually building the knowledge required to effectively support customers, suppliers, and Swelex moving forward. The goal is to be out there with customers, helping them with their challenges and realizing their projects, says Joel, adding:

– Working with sales feels natural to me, so I am very positive about my role here at Swelex.

Joel also shares his appreciation for the warm welcome he has received from his new colleagues:

– I value the open and inclusive atmosphere here at Swelex. No question is too trivial, and it’s fantastic to be able to leverage the extensive knowledge that already exists here. The group dynamics are outstanding, and it’s fun that we can also joke around with each other, all in good spirits.

We look forward to having Joel with us on this journey and warmly welcome him to Swelex!

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Hirose Connector Selector 2024

We at Swelex proudly present the electric product catalog Connector Selector 2024 by Hirose. Explore a comprehensive selection of over 240 products, featuring the latest releases.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As the year comes to an end, we at Swelex extend our sincere gratitude to all our friends, partners, and customers for a fantastic journey. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of 2024 and embarking on a new era together. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Launch day!

Today marks a milestone for Swelex as we proudly unveil our brand-new corporate identity! We’re thrilled about the journey ahead and couldn’t be prouder of our team’s hard work to bring this vision to life. A big thank you to our incredible partners and customers for your support and greetings.