Swelex strengthens the team with Joel Klasson as Sales Representative

On February 1st, we welcomed Joel Klasson to Swelex, where he now assumes the role of Sales Representative. Joel, who recently completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration, is eager to re-enter the workforce in a position that involves extensive interaction with customers and suppliers. His previous experience as a sales professional in the retail industry, both in-store and as a supplier, has now been complemented by a broader education that will greatly benefit him in his new role.

– I am truly looking forward to deepening my understanding of the electronics industry and gradually building the knowledge required to effectively support customers, suppliers, and Swelex moving forward. The goal is to be out there with customers, helping them with their challenges and realizing their projects, says Joel, adding:

– Working with sales feels natural to me, so I am very positive about my role here at Swelex.

Joel also shares his appreciation for the warm welcome he has received from his new colleagues:

– I value the open and inclusive atmosphere here at Swelex. No question is too trivial, and it’s fantastic to be able to leverage the extensive knowledge that already exists here. The group dynamics are outstanding, and it’s fun that we can also joke around with each other, all in good spirits.

We look forward to having Joel with us on this journey and warmly welcome him to Swelex!

hirose connector swelex

Hirose Connector Selector 2024

We at Swelex proudly present the electric product catalog Connector Selector 2024 by Hirose. Explore a comprehensive selection of over 240 products, featuring the latest releases.

Read Connector Selector 2024 >

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As the year comes to an end, we at Swelex extend our sincere gratitude to all our friends, partners, and customers for a fantastic journey. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of 2024 and embarking on a new era together. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Launch day!

Today marks a milestone for Swelex as we proudly unveil our brand-new corporate identity! We’re thrilled about the journey ahead and couldn’t be prouder of our team’s hard work to bring this vision to life. A big thank you to our incredible partners and customers for your support and greetings.

Stig Wahlström Elektronik rebrands as Swelex AB

Stig Wahlström Elektronik AB, a company within the technical solutions group Addtech Nordic AB, is embarking on an exciting new chapter with a strategic rebranding and an official name change to Swelex AB. This significant announcement today is a result of several years of successful mergers, where Satco Komponent AB and Jolex AB have been integrated into Stig Wahlström Elektronik AB.

In recent years, the well-established companies Satco and Jolex have been merged into Stig Wahlström Elektronik. The new brand profile and the name change to Swelex, launched today, represent the synergy of expertise, quality, and vision that the three companies together embody.

Tommy Ahlsved, Managing Director of Swelex, clarifies the development:

– As we enter a new era with a significantly expanded product range and deepened expertise, we have decided to rebrand our corporate identity to Swelex and thus welcome a new chapter. Swelex is a result of the collective experience from Satco, Jolex, and Stig Wahlström Elektronik.

With Swelex, the company enters a new phase of integrated solutions and advanced technology within the electronics industry.

– By combining the unique strengths and product areas of our original companies, we are proud to offer a broader and more diversified range of electronic components and systems. Our new common home at Swelex symbolizes our renewed commitment to delivering products and services of the highest quality, says Tommy Ahlsved.

The corporate culture at Swelex is to be characterized by an unwavering pursuit of innovation and quality. From HVAC solutions designed for optimal thermal comfort to expertise in sectors such as transportation, energy, industry, medical technology, aviation, space, and defense.

– With our new corporate identity as Swelex, we look forward to continuing to build on our legacy of outstanding technical excellence, while exploring new horizons and creating the electronic solutions of the future, concludes Tommy Ahlsved.

For more information, please contact:

Tommy Ahlsved, MD, Swelex AB

Hirose DF50 Series: Robust 1mm Board-to-Wire Connectors

Hirose DF50 Series connectors are designed to offer outstanding performance in applications where reliability, signal integrity, and space-saving design are crucial. With its compact and robust design, the DF50 series is ideal for use in industrial automation, robotics, medical equipment, and other demanding environments.


Compact Design: The connectors have a compact design to meet the increasing demand for miniaturization in modern electronic applications and systems.

Robust Construction: Designed for durability, DF50 series connectors provide a secure and reliable connection under challenging operating conditions.

Multiple Configurations: The series offers a range of configurations, including board-to-wire, single-row, double-row options, providing flexibility for various application requirements.

Secure Locking Mechanism: The connectors are equipped with a secure locking mechanism to ensure a stable and vibration-resistant connection.


  • Pitch: 1mm
  • Surface Mount
  • 2-16 poles
  • Up to 2A per pole.
  • -35 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Gold Plating
  • Conductors from AWG26 to AWG32

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries!

We support The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

Every day, a child in Sweden is diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to research and more effective treatment methods, progress has been made, and today, over 85 percent survive. However, we want all children diagnosed with cancer to survive and be able to live a good and long life. That’s why at Stig Wahlström Elektronik, we are supporting the important work of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund during Christmas 2023, and we are proud to do so.

Would you also like to contribute to the important work of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund? Read more here >

Non-metallic carbon fiber conduit from SINBON

In diagnostic imaging, achieving optimal image quality for a pulsating heart can be challenging. ECG gating provides an effective solution to reduce artifacts from heart motion, improve image quality, and evaluate differences in images under varying exercise conditions. By triggering scans during a predefined phase of the cardiac cycle, the method can enhance diagnostic performance in evaluating heart diseases. However, traditional metal leads can negatively impact image quality. Therefore, non-metallic carbon fiber leads emerge as the optimal choice for our customers.

Product Features

With a patented design complemented by engineering and material selection, SINBON’s products offer industry-leading reliability.

  • Electrode lead wires made of carbon fiber material provide advantages in imaging.
  • The chosen carbon fiber material has uniform impedance for efficient transmission of ECG signals.
  • The wire has an integrated design of main and branch lines and has successfully undergone a 30,000-cycle bending test.
  • The tensile strength of the wire exceeds double the specification.
  • Customized connection ensures compliance with a lifespan of 10,000 insertion and extraction cycles.

We are strengthening our team

On October 2, 2023, we were pleased to welcome Johan Frisk to Stig Wahlström Elektronik in the role of Application Engineer. Johan joins us from his own business, where he has been working on product development and prototypes for the automotive industry for the past 12 years.

Stig Wahlström Elektronik has recently expanded significantly through a diversified product offering, and several new competencies have been added. Johan Frisk is one of the latest sought-after additions.

– It is with enthusiasm that I step into the role of Application Engineer, a position that involves a lot of customer interaction as well as technical problem-solving – areas I look forward to developing and deepening my expertise in, says Johan Frisk.

He looks forward to continuing to contribute to the growth of Stig Wahlström Elektronik alongside his colleagues:

– It is an exciting time for the company, which is on a successful expansion journey, and it feels like the perfect time to join. It is particularly enjoyable to work with my new colleagues, some of whom I have worked with before. It is a great team with a lot of experience and expertise.