On February 1st, we welcomed Joel Klasson to Swelex, where he now assumes the role of Sales Representative. Joel, who recently completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration, is eager to re-enter the workforce in a position that involves extensive interaction with customers and suppliers. His previous experience as a sales professional in the retail industry, both in-store and as a supplier, has now been complemented by a broader education that will greatly benefit him in his new role.

– I am truly looking forward to deepening my understanding of the electronics industry and gradually building the knowledge required to effectively support customers, suppliers, and Swelex moving forward. The goal is to be out there with customers, helping them with their challenges and realizing their projects, says Joel, adding:

– Working with sales feels natural to me, so I am very positive about my role here at Swelex.

Joel also shares his appreciation for the warm welcome he has received from his new colleagues:

– I value the open and inclusive atmosphere here at Swelex. No question is too trivial, and it’s fantastic to be able to leverage the extensive knowledge that already exists here. The group dynamics are outstanding, and it’s fun that we can also joke around with each other, all in good spirits.

We look forward to having Joel with us on this journey and warmly welcome him to Swelex!