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Innovation meets functionality:

Enclosures, Handles, and Knobs for your unique project

Explore our comprehensive selection of Enclosures & Accessories, where precision meets versatility to elevate your unique projects. Our offerings include a range of enclosures, handles, and knobs meticulously designed to provide optimal protection, functionality, and design. Discover our collection, where innovation meets functionality, and find the perfect fit for your projects.


Enclosures, or cases, serve a dual purpose by acting as protective housings for electrical hardware and as enclosures for development or production test control panels used on benches or trolleys. They play a critical role in providing essential physical protection against environmental factors and physical damage, ensuring the safety and optimal functionality of your electronic components and control systems by shielding them from external exposure.

Our extensive range of aluminum enclosures and cases is designed to accommodate the hardware needs of electrical products across various applications. Whether standard catalog enclosures or customized adaptations tailored to specific hardware requirements, our offerings cater to diverse needs. Additionally, we provide specialized catalog and adapted enclosures and trays designed to meet the stringent standards of ARINC 404 and ARINC 600. These standards, prevalent in the Aerospace and Defense markets, come in distinct shapes and sizes to suit specific industry requirements.


  • Large selection of surface treatments
  • Sliding or screwed panels
  • Shape and sizes suited for many areas of use
  • Maximum size approx. 50 cm (L, W & H)
  • Possible to integrate heat dissipation, e.g. heat sink
  • Possible to include different variants of marking
  • Specially designed enclosures for Raspberry Pi


Handles, particularly carrying handles, play a crucial role Knobs in optimizing the functionality of various products. With a diverse array of types, shapes, and sizes, they serve as versatile additions to a range of applications. These integral components find application across diverse fields, including Industrial Equipment, Electronic Enclosures, Medical Devices, and Automotive Products, where their design is essential for ensuring maneuverability and portability.

Our wide-ranging handle solutions are tailored to specific needs, whether for standalone enclosures, rack cabinet installations, or portable test equipment. Options range from standard catalog handles to customized adaptations, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse equipment requirements. Additionally, we offer standard handles designed to meet ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 specifications, particularly relevant in the Aerospace and Defense sectors, where distinct shapes and sizes are crucial.


  • Bow-shaped, collapsible, tray, tubular, ledge and modular, carrying- and rear up handles
  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastic
  • Handles can be adapted to unique needs, such as size, color, and design


Knobs are essential components used for versatile applications, serving functions such as turning, pushing, adjusting, controlling, and displaying. Their utility extends across front panels, instrument panels, and audio equipment. Widely used in control panels, medical devices, industrial equipment, and automotive products, knobs play a crucial role in providing a clear and precise Human-Machine Interface for control and adjustment.

We offer a diverse range of knob solutions meticulously designed to meet unique needs across different markets. From standard catalog knobs to customized adaptations, featuring various designs and materials, we ensure a perfect fit for your specific applications.


  • Wing, analog, digital as well as old fashioned generic turning knobs
  • Plastic, aluminum, combined plastic and aluminum, brass couplings, and sleeves
  • Knobs can be customized. Different shapes, colors, radii, and dimensions

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