Light Guides & LED Components

Know How, Quality and Precision

With an extensive selection of more than 450 standard light guides and LED displays, including options with minimal tooling costs and low minimum order quantities (MOQ), we provide expert guidance tailored to your needs.


Modern light guides play an essential role in efficiently transporting light signals from a circuit-board-mounted LED via a particular route to a designated light-emitting surface, while minimizing loss and blurring.

These solutions provide electronics developers with a cost-effective, space-saving, and easy-to-mount solution, all while offering robust ESD protection. Our light guide solutions excel in minimizing blurriness, ensuring exceptionally high luminous efficiency, and delivering perfectly uniform lighting.


  • Light guides for front panel mount
  • Horizontal light guides
  • Vertical light guides
  • M-Cut 2D light management system
  • Flexible light guides
  • Custom solutions
  • IP68 rating

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