Subparts for seamless project integration

Subparts can be seen as essential puzzle pieces, each contributing to the assembly of a device, module, or finished product. These customized components are either procured for immediate installation or stocked on shelves awaiting installation.


Our experience from various markets, combined with close collaborations with manufacturers and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) operating within sectors such as Industrial, Defense, MedTech, Aerospace, and Rail, allows us to help you with subparts based on your specifications and existing manufacturing documentation. In the event of new requirements, we actively engage with you during the design and development phases, ensuring a seamless integration of subparts into your projects.

Subparts are customizable components that can include dimensionally and connectionally tailored fans, heat sinks, or a combination of both. Additionally, we offer cables with precise branching and connectors, customized power supplies with the option to include or exclude EMI filters, and environmental and EMC gaskets or enclosures. These elements can be configured individually or combined to meet your specific requirements.

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